Wall Painting Ideas for a Living Room-Whiteboard Paint

Your living room can display original works of art, and you don’t have to be rich. If you are looking for wall painting ideas, consider that your original art can be as up-to-date as today—and all yours—or your children’s—or your friends’. An affordable whiteboard paint called Create Paint has been developed by Scorpion Protective Coatings, Inc. The formula was discovered almost by accident. Your walls, fresh with lively works of art, won’t be.

My living room? You wonder. Sure. It is where you spend time with your family and guests. What could be more fun than filling that room with fresh art, surrounding yourself with your creativity? Since it is natural for children to draw on walls, why not allow them to explore their creativity and decorate your home at the same time?

What Is Create Paint?

Scorpion Coatings, the premier truck bed liner and protective-coating company for nearly two decades, has developed a writable and erasable coating for walls that is non-porous and resists the absorption of inks. The easy-to-use, do-it-yourself whiteboard paint, known as “Create Paint,” can be applied anywhere and used in all the ways your imagination roams. Like the older, expensive whiteboard paints, Create Paint can be written or drawn on with dry erase markers, then wiped clean with an eraser when artists wish to create another “masterpiece.”

Create Paint was discovered during the research and development of another product, and its value was immediately recognized as it could be produced cheaper than the whiteboard paints already on the market. Eventually, high-volume dealers will distribute the product, but, at the moment, consumers can purchase it online.

Original Art For Your Living Room

When considering wall painting ideas, naturally you will decide whether you will apply Create Paint to all four walls (and perhaps the ceiling) or will just one or two be designated as “galleries” and wallpaper or paint be used on the other spaces? It’s your space. Create!

If you decide to have a children’s wall, why not frame their finest work? The frames can be placed on the walls around drawings you wish to save for awhile. Some masterpieces may require you to purchase the elements and build a five-, six- or seven-sided frame. Imagine a wall decorated with unusual frames around simple, colorful children’s drawings. What fun!

Perhaps your wall painting ideas include a mural. If you are a landlubber who longs for the beach, draw a tropical scene on one wall. Perhaps your heart yearns for the mountains or a country lane beneath arching autumn-colored trees. Your own art can take you there.

You are no artist? Then have a paint party. Invite your friends, and have fun decorating your living space. Play a wild and fun game of Pictionary. You are limited only by your imagination.

Perhaps you have trouble getting out of the house in the mornings with everything you need for the day. Then apply Create Paint in an area beside the door. You can design a calendar for each day or just jot reminders on the wall above the table where you leave your briefcase, purse, library books, lunch bag and backpack. Your dog may actually get to the groomer’s on the day of his appointment. Little Susie’s ballet clothes, Frankie’s music books and Sam’s ball glove might all get out the door with you – the first time.

The easy-to-apply and affordable Create Paint can make your living room more vibrant and fun, as well as ease some stress in your life as you hurry from your haven into your hectic schedule.

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