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What Can You  Create?

A problem we have is listing everywhere you could apply Create Paint. That would be a huge task for one of our interns. We decided to list some of the ideas that we came up with. But believe us, you can put this stuff almost anywhere.

Create In the Home

Our first thought was our kids. They naturally want to write on the walls. They just do. Give your kids a creative space to explore. Here are some other ideas for the home.

  • Home office walls
  • Desktops
  • Doors
  • Coffee tables
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Pantry
  • Kitchen wall (grocery lists or weekly menu)
  • Garage workbench or walls

Create In the Office

Your organization is full of imaginative and creative employees. Sometimes the next big idea hits them while in the strangest place. Here are some areas inside the office you can use Create Paint.

  • Conference room walls & tables
  • Office walls
  • Desks
  • Break rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Doors

Create Places

We have named a few places inside your home and office. I think you get the idea. Here is a broader list of places where Create Paint would be perfect for.

  • Schools & Colleges/Universities
  • Classrooms and locker rooms
  • Daycare / Childcare
  • Churches
  • Restaurants

You can see why it would be a tall task to list everywhere you could use Create Paint. Tell us where you create.

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