How to Restore a Dry Erase Board Surface

Restoring your Dry Erase Board to Like New

You love your dry erase board. It has given you the ability to highlight your creativity in parts of your home that usually would have just boring eggshell walls. Your office has become more streamlined and you and your co-workers can easily let your ideas flow during brainstorming sessions. The classroom that was once filled with bored students is now alive with art and seeing those hands shoot up when you need a volunteer to do a math problem brings a smile to your face. Every dry erase board owner dreads “ghosting” that happens when either the wrong markers or cleaning solutions is used to clean the ink. There is a simple way to avoid staining and in the future, as well restore your dry erase board to like new condition.

The ingenious minds at Create Paint  have single-handedly manufactured a product that can restore the surface of your dry erase board all while saving you money at the same time. There are many white board paints available today, but many are very expensive and they contain harmful VOC’s. Create Paint is formulated to be highly resistant to staining and the high quality acrylic formulation makes it easy to apply. Using these simple steps and Create Paint gives you the best results when restoring your white board.

Easy Dry Erase Board Restoration

1. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the dry erase board surface with standard white board cleaner, but you can also use denatured alcohol. This removed any remaining oils and ink deposits. Not cleaning the surface properly can affect the quality of the finished project. If any rough spots are visible, use 220 grit sandpaper to ensure that the surface is smooth and blemish free. Even though Create Paint is non-toxic, it is always a smart idea to create in a well-ventilated area.

2. Now that your surface is clean and smooth you can start painting. The Create Paint Kit comes in a two part, easy to mix kit. Simply add package marked with a “P” to the container labeled “C” and enthusiastically shake for 90 seconds. Once it is combined, it is now time to add it to your painting try. Foam applicators come highly recommended for projects using dry erase board paint, and you can purchase these any craft or discount store.

3. Make sure to cover your workspace with a painter’s tarp or newspaper. The product is thin, so it can drip. Finding a happy medium between a fully loaded brush and one that is overloaded is key. Foam roller can leave small air bubbles on the surface, and the best way to prevent this is to work the paint into your brush. Dip it into the paint just enough to saturate it.

4. Like with any paint, it is important to paint in the same direction. Do not try to do the edging before or after, since you want the paint to have a uniform look. Depending on the size of your dry erase board, a grid pattern may be necessary if it is larger. Always be meticulous in your work, even though the process it easy it is not lenient in the application process.

5. Now that you have finished painting, all you have to do wait for it to dry! Create Paint was designed with your valuable time in mind, so you only have to wait 3 days before you can start enjoying your dry erase board again!

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