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How Does Create Paint Work

Excellent question with a simple answer. Create paint works by creating a non-porous, writable, and erasable surface that does an excellent job resisting the absorption of inks (staining/ghosting).

That is how all dry erase boards work. The more porous the surface, the more ink gets trapped in those pores. Due to the properties of our product and the thickness that is applied, Create Paint acts like a shield for you target area. The inks sit on top of the surface and is not allowed to penetrate. This makes any surface coated with Create Paint easy to create – easy to clean.

Surface Prep

Painted Surfaces: Lightly sand the painted surface (like a wall for example) with 220 grit sandpaper. Clean the sanded surface. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before you apply Create Paint.

NOTE FOR CREATE PAINT WHITE SURFACE PREP: For best results, apply a white primer prior to using Create Paint White. Be sure to follow the instructions (surface prep, dry time/re-coat window) for that primer.


Create Paint White and Clear are both a 2 part mixture. To mix, add P to the C container.  Shake mixture vigorously for 90 seconds. Pour mixture into a paint tray. Dip your roller brush into the mixture and roll an even coat just like a coat of paint. If applying additional coats apply immediately.

That’s it. You’re done. Let it sit for a minimum of 72 hours (up to 1 week) after final application before using.


Create Paint surfaces can be wiped using a standard dry erase eraser. A buildup of dry erase residue my result in periods of heavy usage or from leaving markings on surface for an extended period of time. A Create Paint surface can be cleaned with any dry erase cleaner or other cleaning solutions.

MSDS & Technical Data Sheets

To obtain a copy of the MSDS or technical data sheets, please click on the links below.

Create Paint Technical Data SheetCreate Paint Technical Data Sheet

file_extension_pdfCreate Paint C Component MSDS

file_extension_pdfCreate Paint P Component MSDS

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