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Create Paint was created by the minds at Scorpion Protective Coatings, Inc (see Scorpion info below). The product was discovered through R&D work on another project when we came across a special formulation that was a zero-VOC, high quality acrylic blend.

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By accident we realized that this product had outstanding dry erase properties. Our CEO, Clayton Tomasino had been reviewing some of the samples. Always keeping a dry erase marker handy, jotted down notes on the samples. These noted samples were delivered to our R&D team. The team was baffled when asked about the notes from Mr. Tomasino. No notes were visible to the team, as the notes had wiped off in transit accidentally. Eureka! Our office is filled with whiteboards. We have also used other whiteboard paints to coat walls in the past with mixed reviews. This sparked an idea. We could produce a coating that dried in hours not days, was easy to apply, and contained no VOC’s. And here we are today.

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Scorpion has been a leader in the truck bed liner and protective coatings markets since 1996. Since then Scorpion has expanded into the DIY (Al’s Liner Professional Series DIY Coatings and Accessories) and window film markets (Scorpion Window Film). We have long been crafting durable, high quality coatings for the automotive aftermarket industry as well as commercial and industrial markets. Protective coatings and films are our passions. Our slogan is “Protect What’s Yours” and that is what we strive to provide to our customers.

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