Introducing The First Dry Erase Bed Liner!

Dry Erase Bed Liner:

If you’ve used a truck bed liner before, then you probably know how helpful these simple additions can be. The liners can increase both the longevity and resale value of a truck not to mention that they can vastly improve the aesthetics of any truck.

At, we have always brought you the highest quality truck bed liners, created from high-quality materials and designed to last. Moreover, our wide range of options always means that you can get liners that are perfectly suited to your trucks. And now, we bring you Create Paint!

Create Paint is an innovative technology, a unique one so to say. It is a special coating that turns any surface into a dry erase surface. Our formula for this product has been around for some time but this will be the first time we make it available for truck beds. This stems from the great success we have seen in trials. The formula has been excellent for just about any surface we tried it on. From garage work benches to office walls, coffee tables, doors, and conference room walls, Create Paint proved that it is possible to turn any surface into a dry erase surface.

How does it work?

Create Paint works by creating a non-porous and erasable surface that resists the absorption of inks and stains. Typically, surfaces absorb inks and stains through pores. Therefore, the more pores you have on your truck bed liner, the more stain gets trapped in the bed. Create Paint acts as a shield to the truck bed. Any spills, be it oil or grease, will sit on top of the paint and is not allowed into the bed. This creates a dry erase surface that is very easy to clean. The Create Paint Bed Liner would be great to put onto work trucks to allow for collaboration among work crew members on the job!

When using Create Paint as a truck bed liner, start by prepping the bed. Prep the bed like you would to spray any bed liner. Once the surface is prepared, go ahead and apply the paint. The application process itself is very simple. You will mix the paints, shake vigorously, and then apply on the truck bed. The formula can be sprayed on or rolled on.

Give your truck bed a new look!

The option is effective even for heavily pitted and rusted surfaces; protecting your beds from; salt, moisture, chemicals, acid, oil, extreme weather and so much more.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and get your Create Paint today!


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