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Looking to see who has used Create Paint? Look no further. Actually look down, sorry. Below you can view some of the customer testimonials we have put together for Create Paint.


“Looking forward to placing additional orders”

From Randy @ Rice University

We resurfaced 2 large existing (chalk) blackboards with fine results. The application was straight forward and the resulting performance is superior. No staining! Easy erase-ability! There is a “slight” odor at application but nothing like the competitors which ultimately allowed us to complete the project during the business week and not over a weekend or extended time when people would not be around. The price point of Create Paint and their customer service is as excellent as the product! Looking forward to placing additional orders…


“Great Product and Service!”

From Jessica @

We are a business located in Canada, and though, we were unable to order it to Canada through the website, we were able to contact them via email and have that done. They replied quickly and the shipment came in within a week. The mixing and application of the white whiteboard paint was easy enough, with the directions provided. We have placed multiple orders. Thank you for the great product and service!


“Best Value Online For White Erase Paint!!”

From Steve Young @ Increase Your Profits

If you are looking for the best value, look no further. I did an extensive search for white erase paint online and found 3 or 4 places to purchase. Some of them were way more expensive and had fun videos but I didn’t care about any of that. I needed to cover more wall space and I wanted a quality product. Even after all the discounts at the other places, create paint was way less expensive and I got twice the amount of product as I would have had I purchased else where.

It was easy to paint on the walls and it covered exactly the amount of space they said it would. We did put two coats on which i thought was super important. There was no smell the next day.

We have had it on for over a month now and it ROCKS! We have had no ghosting issues with marker having been on the paint for over two weeks when we erase it. Save yourself some time and buy here with confidence. Blake was helpful and personally guaranteed the quality!


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