Use Create Paint to make your workspace creative and innovative

Do you want your workplace to be collaborative and charged with active imagination? If yes, then a dry erase whiteboard is the right solution for you. Create Paint transforms virtually any space at your office into a limitless dry erase surface. It provides you all the space needed to project your vision and plan business strategies while unleashing your team’s maximum potential like never before.

What is Create Paint?

A special coating which acts as a dry erase layer on any surface. Unlike other dry erase whiteboard paints available in market, Create Paint  is surprisingly user-friendly, safe and requires no special installation process. The best aspect of Create Paint stands as the fact that it can be applied to metal, wood, concrete and even previously painted areas. It comes in clear as well as white shaded paint.

Following are some ideas through which you can employ the best use of dry erase whiteboard paint your office-

  • Conference RoomThink of having a specially designated area in the conference room which can accommodate ideas from every single person attending the meeting.You can paint any two walls from floor to ceiling and even the conference table. Just scribble whatever you want on it and you won’t even need notepads.
  • Doors- A wasted surface with so much potential, doors can act as your quick reminder or message center when painted.
  • Refurnish old spots- Add  new and stylish look to old or worn out parts of your office through dry erase whiteboard paint. It will revive existing surfaces in an environment-friendly and cost-effective way.
  • Personal DeskStick on’s and scratch pads are no longer in fashion. Try using whiteboard paint for your desk and jot down everything from your timetable to urgent meetings right on your desk.
  • Hallways- Let your hallways be painted and show off the best you can offer your clients. Display your team work in your hallway for your visitors and formal delegations. It will represent ways the client can benefit by placing their trust in your services.
  • Casual meet up tables-  Turn every meeting into a dynamic experience by covering the casual coffee tables with Create Paint. It will engage everyone’s relaxed imagination and ultimately give away best results.





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