Whiteboard Paint Application Areas

If Pinterest has proven anything, it is that homeowner’s are constantly on the lookout for organizational items to help simplify everyday tasks and decorate each room of their home.  However, many of those organizational items are small enough that they can be easily misplaced or are too large and bulky that they are inconvenient to set up and keep in high traffic areas.  Never fear, Create Paint is here! There is an amazing option to resolve both of these drawbacks to decoratively organizing a room, whiteboard paint! This simple project can transform almost any space in your home into a perfect picture of organization.

Living Room

A piece of artwork or a framed quote is usually boasted as the centerpiece of the living room.  Unfortunately, that means that when it is time to change up the décor, the central piece needs to be replaced.  Whiteboard paint provided endless opportunities to create unique, one of a kind décor that can be changed easily without the need to replace.  For example, instead of an entire wall, a large section of the wall can be stenciled out in any shape the homeowner desires.  Not only will the piece of wall be a beautiful accent against the background color of the wall, but the homeowner can add in famous quotes, draw a picture, leave loving notes for others in the home, or use it as a daily motivation tool to inspire them.


If you have ever written something down with the intention to keep it in a place you will remember, only for it to get lost in the daily shuffle? Especially if it’s something like losing a grocery list, it can be so frustrating!  However, most homeowner’s can’t see themselves painting their beautiful cabinets with whiteboard paint, no matter the convenience.  Luckily, Create Paint has a clear paint that allows the same great uses of a whiteboard, while allowing the original color and veneer to show through!  Paint cabinets and create convenient notepads for family memos, grocery lists, and more!  Paint a wall inside the pantry and keep an inventory of stored foods and expiration dates to better plan meals.

Home Office

Whether it is the family finances or the “workplace” for someone who works from home, home offices are all about business.  Why not organize thoughts on a whiteboard wall that allow for greater visualization and aid in creative and objective thought?  Or paint the top of a desk and always have a “notepad” available for notes and to do lists. All of these simple, creative ideas can be effective in helping your organization habits, and allow you to giggle each time you start to “write” on your furniture!”

Kid’s Bedroom

Kids love to learn by being creative, and if you have ever had a toddler pick up a permanent marker and color on the walls, you know this to be true. We start to fix that by purchasing expensive art stations that they outgrow and paper projects can start to pile up and create clutter. Using whiteboard paint to paint a wall, doors, and furniture will give them the freedom to express their creativity and “decorate” their world.  As they grow older, these can surfaces can also be used to display chore lists, calendars, and hygiene reminders.

The options are endless.  Create Paint helps any homeowner or family truly make their house a home.  One that is unique to their individual needs and helps them to be more productive, organized and creative! Start dreaming of your next project and how whiteboard paint can help you be more fun and creative!

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