Resurfacing a Whiteboard with Create Paint

If you have an older dry erase board that no longer holds ink or no longer erases all of the old ink off of the surface, Create Paint is the answer to revitalizing it into usable condition. This is an easy task that will give you a dry erase board that works better than it did when brand new.

Create Paint is an innovative new type of paint that you can use on several different surfaces to create a dry erase board anywhere you wish. You can write, right on the painted surface with a dry erase marker. Not only can you use this product on walls, doors, or furniture, but it can be used to revitalize older existing dry erase boards.

First, use a dry eraser to try to remove as much of the hardened dry erase marker ink from the surface, as possible. Spray down the surface with a whiteboard cleaner and use a piece of lint-free cloth to clean the board as much as you can.

Apply painter’s tape to all edges around the whiteboard surface to save them from paint splatter when applying the Create Paint to the surface. Make sure the area where you are working is well-ventilated.

Use a paintbrush for smaller whiteboards or a roller if you have wall-sized whiteboard. Paint a coating of high-quality primer across the surface of the whiteboard, making sure to use even strokes. Wait a few hours and apply a second coat of primer. Allow the whiteboard to dry overnight before continuing with Create Paint.

After the surface has dried, sand it lightly using 120-grit sandpaper. This will help the Create Paint adhere properly. Mix the Create Paint according to the enclosed instructions, by pouring the “P” container into the “C” container. Shake container “C” for a minute and a half so the mixture is thoroughly combined. You are now ready to paint your dry erase board.

If you have a very large whiteboard that will need more than one application of Create Paint, only mix up the amount you intend on using at the moment, as you have around an hour to apply it before it will start to harden. Mix the second batch after the first has been painted onto the surface.

Pour the Create Paint into a paint tray and use a roller to apply the it to the board, making sure to coat evenly. Take your time to make sure you do not miss any areas. It is best to work your way across your board in a grid fashion instead of doing the edges first or at the end. This will ensure a smooth finish.

Since the paint dries quickly, if you are applying a second coating, it should be done immediately after you have finished with the first. Allow the Create Paint to dry for a full 72 hours before using your newly refinished dry erase board. Full cure, however is seven days.

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