Whiteboard Magic Tricks-Dry Erase on Your Wall!

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone who has raised at least one child—at one point or another—has dealt with the little one’s graffiti-like approach to random art work in places otherwise off limits.  Call it rebelliousness or just artistic expression, it’s inevitable.  However, keeping the artistic side of your little Rembrandt intact is important.

Imagine selecting an entire wall for the eager artist to create a full-size mural, snap a picture, and let them at it again.  Create Paint offers that option.  An area covered in our dry erase paint acts as a white board and is shielded against staining and permanent marks by generating a non-porous writable and easily erasable surface that fully resists the absorption of inks; forcing the ink to stay on top of the surface rather than penetrate the pores and remain as an ugly, long-term reminder, while the shield created by our paint makes for easy clean up just like a white board.

Create Paint is also ideal for those lively coaches in gym lockers demonstrating winning plays to the team before a big game, or in the kitchen for a quick reminder that milk and eggs are running low written next to a list of missed calls.

Do away with those white boards at the office that seem to get in the way during your meetings and coat a wall with Create Paint instead.  These suggestions are but a small example of where and how our dry erase paint can make life a little bit easier and a little more fun.

Create Paint is created not only to provide a convenient writing surface that is kept looking clean and reusable, but it’s easy to apply.  Simply prep the area by lightly sanding the surface, combine the mixtures provided, and roll on evenly.  Within a few days the white board-like surface is ready for use.  And much like a regular white board, clean up is as easy as using a dry erase eraser.  And after extensive use, though residue may build, it’s easily removed using a simple cleaning solution.

Create Paint comes in two variations:  White and also clear for those areas you’d like to maintain color yet treat like a blank canvas.  With Create Paint there’s no more need for a white board and no more mess.

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