Create a Dry Erase Surface in Any Color

A dry erase board is a great way to make use of available space to brainstorm plans, work out ideas, create important lists and present other information. Anything that needs to be erased is done with a simple wipe of a chalkboard-style dry erase eraser, and any kind of marker can be used. Better still, it is incredibly easy to make a dry erase board that can increase productivity while reducing paper and disposal costs. Dry erase board come in many types, shapes and sizes, and making one is a simple process.

Basic Necessities for a Clear Dry Erase Board

A clear dry erase board requires a relatively smooth surface. It does not have to be flat, but the viewing area should be easy to use and enhance the effectiveness of the clear dry erase board. A wall, board or similar surface will work well. So long as it is not textured it will be simple enough to write on it and erase anything that needs to be removed. The surface must be as non-porous as possible to prevent ink from settling into pores. If ink settles into pores, it is much more difficult and potentially impossible to remove.

Making a Clear Dry Erase Board

Making a dry erase board is relatively easy and is not labor-intensive. Prepping the board surface requires using 220-grit sandpaper affixed to a sanding block to smooth out the surface. Anything other than a sanding block or similar tool will create an uneven surface. Once done sanding the surface smooth, it needs to be cleaned of any dust and made as dry as possible. Because a clear paint is used, a graphic or mural that is smooth can be placed on the surface before adding the clear dry erase board paint.

Applying Clear Dry Erase Paint

Measuring the surface area to be painted will ensure the right amount of dry erase paint is used. The paint is sold in quantities sufficient to paint 31, 62 or 125 square feet. The paint comes in two parts that must be mixed and vigorously stirred or shaken for at least 90 seconds. Once mixed, the paint can be poured into a roller pan and applied with a roller brush. The clear dry erase board paint must dry for 72 hours to cure properly and ensure an impenetrable finish. Standard markers will work well with the dry erase board, and dry erase erasers will remove it by simply wiping the eraser across the content to be removed.

Advantages of a Clear Dry Erase Board

Unlike a white dry erase board, a clear dry erase board can be applied over graphics or murals and used on walls of differing colors. So long as the graphic, mural or paint is free of pores, the clear dry erase paint will work fine. The ability to use surfaces of different colors and with different backgrounds makes the clear dry erase paint a great option when wanting to use something other than a common white background.

Clear dry erase paint can be especially useful when applied inside a team locker room, for example, by allowing for team colors and logos underneath. A business’ trade colors and logo also might be left visible and made more useful. The background needs to enable to sufficient contrast from the ink to be used for it to be visible from a reasonable distance.

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