Clear Dry Erase Paint

Have you always wanted a clear dry erase board for a message board in your home or your business?  Then why not create your own with clear dry erase paint from Create Paint? This exciting new product makes it very easy to make a dry erase message board or even a wall for a family message center.  But please do realize that the sky, or really the ceiling, is the limit as you can paint whole walls or rooms with Create Paint to let your creativity soar.  Turn a table into an amazing work surface for sketching and creating or just plain doodling.

You can paint a child’s playroom and let the kids draw and color all over the walls with joyous freedom. Or use the paint for an adult studio. Imagine sketching and drawing inspirational pictures as you are trying to create your next masterpiece. Or paint a teenager’s room so they can work out math problems on the wall instead of a notepad to make studying a fun, interactive exercise.

Because the product is a clear dry erase board paint coating, you can basically make a dry erase surface over any painted area on which you want to write or draw. You can paint a board whatever color you like and customize the size for your unique needs. Or you can simply keep your existing room wall color and just paint one or all the walls for a secret note pad which no one will know exists until you draw on it. This new clear coat is such a sophisticated update of the old white chalkboard paint that not only is it great for message boards, but is a limiting look that clearly screams, “write on me”.

This clear dry erase board paint allows you to keep your fashionable decor and yet have a convenient working or playing area on any treated wall. You will find this innovative product to be a perfect blend of fashion, function, and fun. A white board that is now colorful and need not even be a board, but almost any flat vertical or horizontal surface.

There are so many different uses for this clear dry erase board coating. You can use it to cover maps and other classroom pictures and create a writable surface to track travels. For architectural classes, you  can cover plans and test out different room arrangements inside and different garden and landscape plantings outside.

In the office, you can get rid of the expensive old school, large white note pads for brain storming sessions and instead write right on the walls.  There is nothing like the taboo “writing on walls” to unleash the creativity of your team.

At home, you can let the children decorate their rooms in whatever they like on a given day. On Monday, the room can be full of stars and rockets ships and on Tuesday, rainbows can cover every wall. What a great way to let the young ones test out their artistic wings.

Clean up of the clear dry erase board surfaces is super easy. Just wipe with a paper towel or cloth and voila, the drawing board is gone until you need it again.



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